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Akinyemi Oludele is a prolific Manchester artist who often uses music and politics to directly inspire his work. He can be found in the streets, bars and music venues of Manchester sketching or painting. The direct representation of the thing in front of him inspires much of this work, but he has also looked to use abstraction, visions and history. His own diverse cultural heritage has led him to use different forms of expression, and all these are on show at Victoria Baths. He has had a number of solo exhibitions recently.


“My work is energised with visualisations of jazz rhythms and an expressionism of colour captured in speed and synchronised in harmony with music and ,movement in bars live event and anywhere where there is jazz blues afro beats Latin samba music and folk and lively music I am seen sketching and painting illustrating the vibrancy and colourful scenery with a variety different mediums on different occasions charcoals, ink and paint on paper .. with the mixer sounds of people and music as my timer like a metronome and my tools as my instrument …. I make art from my emotions deep trance-like and in mediation the and attention to details and precision of and unconscious strokes making my audience and onlookers look in amazement as I turn over picture after picture as I capture the colours of jazz musician in colours and splashes of paint and ink.”

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