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Pam Ward-Speers has been an artist her entire life. Working across various media Pam’s practice is hugely influenced by the mindfulness of process, that flow state found when the repetition of action enables a relaxation where true original creativity can emerge.

In this flow state Pam creates vastly complex artistic riddles that she then creatively solves. Such tight geometry and shape offers a freedom in Pam’s hands and an insight into much more. “The bare bones of what you think is a lack of detail, is actually a key into more…”

Working with complex geometric shapes, or utilising intricate quilling as painterly form, she imagines large complex ideas for her to strip down the proportions into manageable parts, to then journey forward. A perfectionist with a fascination with Surrealism, cubism and freedom, she feels none of her pieces are ever finished, “Who is to say when a puzzle is truly solved?” For Pam finishing a painting is trapping the idea’s evolution into a set form. Often the excitement of an idea is in that lightbulb moment, “The thinking has occurred, the rest is the menial act” as if the creation of art is the manifestation of the complexities and intricacies of her mind. She has always been open to exploring more diverse mediums and has recently been using the old technique of quilling to create exquisite pieces.

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