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Neurodivergent and born in Burnley, Sam’s initial practice is theatre and performance art however he works across various artistic mediums to explore the multitudinous ideas he has. With keen curiosity into Human behaviour, from the deeply personal to the largely cultural, Sam creates work inviting people in, to encourage connection and intimacy, as well as outing himself into the public realm, to critique larger structural constraints. In all works he unsettles the construct of space and invites deconstruction within it.


A graduate of University of Chester Sam’s practice is heightened from the intricacy and transient nature of performance art. Hugely inspired by the absurdity of the Dadaist movement, and the archaic form of 35mm analogue photography to capture moments in time, on film or memory, his fascination with creating and enabling these liminal spaces underpins his practice.


"I want my work to be a catalyst for conversation, bad art is something you leave with and have absolutely no opinion at all whatsoever."



More info on the work on display at (WIP)

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