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Simon Mawdlsey has been a practising artist for over 25 years. His artwork stems from the ‘80s & ‘90s Madchester scene he was deeply connected to, moving with the bands, artists and nightclubs of the time. Album artwork/club night posters inspired an interest in leading figures in the Abstract Expressionist movement such as Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. Despite this, Simon found himself following the Thatcher introduced YTS (Youth Training Scheme) route, training in a ‘solid trade’, undermining his self- worth, giving his life little meaning. 1998, Simon began painting in the Withington hospital psychiatric ward art room, painting daily ever since. Entirely self-taught, Simon creates abstract expressionist work, spending months of dedicated focus creating - processing the cycle of anxiety, creation, reinvention, recreation, and loss that goes into every piece.


“I cannot say where my ideas come from, but I do know that through painting and colour, I have a sense of well-being and emotional security that facilitates freedom and emotional release.” Simon’s a member of Pool Arts and Art Space, Macclesfield. Intensely dedicated and focussed, Simon’s always worked instinctively, but recently has begun having huge breakthroughs, connecting and deconstructing his practice to the rich sub-cultural landscape he was part of. “It's all been an exploration of where I fit into society. My purpose as an artist, my purpose as a person.” Interestingly as he has become more aware of these connections, he is moving away from abstract expressionism toward a new model of figurative painting and more conceptual projects. “For me, my art is the vehicle for driving energy to express my emotions.”

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