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Traë England-Shortt is a living work of art. A practising artist her entire life she has worked through all mediums till finalising herself as the primary creative matter. As living art, Traë explores her understanding of herself, her life, of others, the world and the cosmos through her daily living artistic being. From this she creates larger scale pieces and performances to further entice and engage others in this holistic conversation of life. She is both provocation and healer and her intense connection with nature and her people is what drives this curiosity and longing to understand, connect and bond with all. As an avid pole practitioner, her physical strength and bodily relationship with what is happening is also a key force in creation. Creating conceptual work that links deeply to absurdism and folk heritage, Traë utilises and characterises her body within incongruous settings to manifest hugely the grain of an idea. Through this audiences and the public are intrinsically part of the conversation, which of course they are…  Traë creates constantly and lives fully within art. She has recently reached another peak of her existence, where all is unsettled again, like a cosmic snow globe, to be artistically resolved, explored and understood in her strong hands.

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